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About Latter Date

Latter Date is an online singles and dating site built and operated by Mormons. Like you, we know that finding a match can be difficult and isn’t always possible in your local ward. We’ve tried other “LDS” dating sites – many not even operated by anyone in the Mormon community – and been frustrated at the results. Our aim is to do better. With your help we hope to be the best online community for LDS singles. Tell your friends and join us.

By Mormons

We will always strive to meet and exceed your expectation by providing a safe environment where you can meet your match.


Driven by the community, Latter Date offers a calendar of events. Even if you travel, it's easy to find out what local Mormon singles are up to.

Modern Design

Built on modern web design standards our site’s functions and look are the same across desktop and mobile devices.

As the founder of Latter Date, I want to tell you a little about how it came to be. I’m a single Mormon like the future members of the community we’re striving to build. There are many challenges in finding a worthy, compatible partner. Our shared faith, geography, age, and life circumstances all make this challenge real, especially for busy professionals, single parents (like me), or singles outside of major cities. The site was started as a personal quest to address our needs as Mormon singles, including those of my widowed Mother looking for her Match. No matter your age or circumstance, know that we are moving forward carefully and I am personally driven to helping all of us find our match.

— Jonathan Eller

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